OMG! Ponyz!

August 2, 2006

Using the most cringe-inducing language imaginable to anyone over the age of fourteen (“Mash it, chop it, layer it, turn it upside down.”), CBC has announced an open competition to remix “The Ride of the Valkyries”.

Well done. That’s really what the world has been waiting for. Let’s give the remix dullards, not exactly known for their creativity, an excuse to take one of the greatest pieces of music ever written and turn it into the kind of slop that even dull-witted teenagers can’t stomach without the copious use of illegal drugs.

Hey! Kids! “Your remix can have a dance feel, or be completely avant-garde.”
Thanks for the tip! If only you crazy fun lovers had been around to advise Wagner, eh?

If just the thought of this doesn’t make you want to pull your own teeth out then the shockingly mediocre sample (“To get your imagination flowing”) by “Rise Ashen” is sure to push you over the edge.
Sigh …

Remix the Ring (

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