You’re gonna wake up one morning and know what side of the bed you’ve been lying on!

August 20, 2012

“Them-speak”: Bernie Rhodes, Malcolm McLaren, and Vivian Westwood (1974)

[Hates:] Television (not the group) / Mick Jagger / The Liberal Party / John Betjeman / George Melly Kenny & Cash / Michael Caine / Charles Forte / Sat nights in Oxford Street / SECURICOR impotence or complacency (slogan & Robert Carr) / Parking tickets / 19, Honey, Harpers, Vogue in fact all magazines that treat their readers as idiots / Bryan Ferry / Salvador Dali / A Touch of Class / BRUT for–who cares? / The Presidents Men / Lord Carrington / The Playboy Club / Alan Brien, Anthony Haden-Guest, Vic Lownes, to be avoided first thing in the morning / ANTIQUARIUS and all it stands for / Michael Roberts / POP STARS who are thick and useless / YES / Leo Sayer / David Essex / Top Of The Pops / Rod Stewart oh for money and an audience / Elton John–quote in NME 25 Sept re birthday spending / West End shopping / Stirling Cooper, Jean Junction, BROWNS, Take Six, C&A / Mars bars / Good Fun entertainment when it’s really not good or not funny Bernard Delfont / a passive audience / arse lickers / John Osborne Harry Pinter Max Bygraves Melvyn Bragg Philip Jenkinson the ICA and its symposiums John Schlesinger Andre Previn David Frost Peter Bogdanovich / Capital Radio / The Village Trousershop (sorry bookshop) / The narrow monopoly of media causing harmless creativity to appear subversive / THE ARTS COUNCIL / Head of the Metropolitan Police / Synthetic foods / Tate & Lyle / Corrupt councillors / G.K.N. / Grey skies / Dirty books that aren’t all that dirty / Andy Warhol / Nigel Waymouth David Hockney & Victorianism / The Stock Exchange / Ossie Clark / The Rag Trade / E.L.P. / Antiques of any sort / Housing Trusts who profit by bad housing / Bianca Jagger / Fellini / John Dungar / J. Artur’s / Tramps / Dingwals without H / Busby Berkeley MOVIES / Sir Keith Joseph and his sensational speeches / National Front / W. H. Smith / Censorship / Chris Welch and his lost Melody Makers / Clockwork soul routines / Bob Harris (or the sniffling Whistler as we know him) / The job you hate but are too scared to pack in / Interview magazine–Peter Lester / rich boys dressed as poor boys / Chelita Secunda, Nicky Weymouth, June Bolan, Pauline Fordham halitosis / Rose & Anne Lambton Chinless people / Antonia Frazer / Derek Marlow / Anne Scott-James / Sydney Edwards / Christopher Logue / Osbert Lancaster / Shaw Taylor–whispering grass / The Archers / BIBAS / Old clothes old ideas and all this resting in the country business / The suburbs / The Divine Light Mission / All those fucking saints

[Loves:] Eddie Cochran / Christine Keeler / Susan 602 2509 / My monster in black tights / Raw Power / Society For Cutting Up Men / RUBBER Robin Hood Ronnie Biggs BRAZIL / Jamaican Rude Boys / Bamboo Records / Coffee bars that sell whiskey under the counter / THE SCENE–Ham Yard / Point Blank / Monica the girl who stole those paintings / Legal Aid–when you can get it / Pat Arrowsmith / Valerie Solanis / The Price Sisters / Mervin Jones article The Challenge To Capitalism in New Statesman 4th Oct. 74 / Buenoventura Durutti The Black Hand Gang / Archie Shepp Muhammed Ali Bob Marley Jimi Hendrix Sam Cooke / Kutie Jones and his SEX PISTOLS / This country is run by a group of fascists so said Gene Vincent in a 1955 US radio interview / Seven Days with Alexander Cockburn / Olympia Press / Strange Death of Liberal England–Dangerfield / Mrs Scully love goddess from Shepherds Bush her house slaves and Search magazine / Labour Exchanges as your local / FREE RADIO stations / A chance to do it for more than a month without being ripped off / The Anarchist Spray Ballet / Lenny Bruce / Joe Orton / Ed Albee / Paustovsky / Iggy Pop / John Coltrane / Spunky James Brown / Dewey Redman / KING TUBBY’S sound system / Zoot suits and dreadlocks / Kilburn & the High Roads / Four Aces Dalston / Limbo 90–Wolfe / Tiger Tiger–Bester / Bizarre Humphries / Woolf–Waves / Walt Whitman poet / Exupery, Simone de Beauvoir, Dashiell Hammett, Dave Cooper, Nick Kent, Carl Gayle writers / Mel Ramos painter / Davd Holmes the newsman / Mal Dean cartoonist / Guy Stevens records / Mal Huff funny stories / D.H. / Valve amps / Art Prince / Marianne Faithfull / Jim Morrison / Alex Trocchi–Young Adam / Patrick Heron v. The Tate Gallery and all those American businesslike painters / Lady Sinthia 908 5569 / Experiment with Time–Dunne / John Lacey and his boiled book v. St Martin’s Art School experiment to be seen in New York. Imagination….



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