I remember everything

December 1, 2010

Music keeps you under control - Jamie Reid“Music keeps you under control” (extract) by Jamie Reid
(2005 print of a 1977 artwork)


Braces - www.beautyandbraces.comPhotographer unknown. Source: http://www.beautyandbraces.com



Every day is like Sunday

December 1, 2010

Andy Rementer - Camera Phone“Camera Phone” by Andy Rementer.





November 17, 2010

It’s about this time of night that I like to look at a picture of Susan Boyle singing a duet with a cat.

“My third oil painting of British Idol contestant Susan Boyle, this time featuring Susan in a duet with a singing cat. Susan has a cat named Pebbles, but this is not Pebbles. This is just some random, singing cat.”
– Dan Lacey


“Some mornings, in a perfect world, you might wake up, have a coffee, finish meditation, and say ‘Okay, today I’m going into the shop to work on a lamp.’ This idea comes to you, you can see it, but to accomplish it you need what I call a ‘setup.’ For example, you may need a working shop or a working painting studio. You may need a working music studio. Or a computer room where you can write something. It’s crucial to have a setup, so that, at any given moment, when you get an idea, you have the place and the tools to make it happen.

“If you don’t have a setup, there are many times when you get the inspiration, the idea, but you have no tools, no place to put it together. And the idea just sits there and festers. Over time it will go away. You didn’t fulfill it – and that’s just a heartache.”

David Lynch – “Catching the Big Fish”

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Sex Pistols

February 1, 2009

Despite the fact that it is aleady being offered for sale on AbeBooks.com for $245, there are still a few copies of the latest portfolio from Stu Mead available at the regular price of €35 from the publisher,  Le Dernier cri. Published in August, 2008 and limited to only 150 copies, this collection of 16 silk-screened prints (each 9″ x 12″ – 23cm x 30cm)  features Stu Mead’s take on the legendary Krampus as well as his more familiar obsessions which will be well known to his fans and admirers.

Mead’s previous publications such as Manbag and Miniput rarely appear on the used book market and only then at extortionate prices  so get it while you still can.



David Lynch by Mondino

David Lynch by Jean Baptiste Mondino

“I love to translate ideas. If you are true to the ideas that you love and never walk away from any element until it’s correct, then there’s a chance others will feel it’s correct and go into that world and have an experience. Hopefully a good experience.”
David Lynch


“Every morning, to earn my bread,
I go to the market where lies are bought.
I take up my place among the sellers.”

Bertolt Brecht – “Hollywood” from “Poems in Exile” (1942)

Hell is other people?

July 8, 2007


“Crowd Porn 2” by xtrapop (from the “Coachella Porn – Dante’s Orgy” series)

The idea that the Red Hot Chilli Peppers could inspire anything but catalepsy in an audience is beyond both my belief and understanding but, sometimes, it takes a photograph to show you what is in front of your eyes.
For me, this beautiful photo series of crowd scenes at Coachella, by Flickr member xtrapop (a.k.a. Thomas Brodahl), immediately brings to mind the listless rutting depicted in the orgy scene of the movie “Perfume” rather than Dante’s diabolical torments.


Bring me my crown

May 24, 2007

If I could afford it I would buy virtually every piece of work by Stu Mead. For the time being I’m deliriously happy with this recently purchased print, number 3 in an edition of 40.

“Kitchen” by Stu Mead (2005)