“Some mornings, in a perfect world, you might wake up, have a coffee, finish meditation, and say ‘Okay, today I’m going into the shop to work on a lamp.’ This idea comes to you, you can see it, but to accomplish it you need what I call a ‘setup.’ For example, you may need a working shop or a working painting studio. You may need a working music studio. Or a computer room where you can write something. It’s crucial to have a setup, so that, at any given moment, when you get an idea, you have the place and the tools to make it happen.

“If you don’t have a setup, there are many times when you get the inspiration, the idea, but you have no tools, no place to put it together. And the idea just sits there and festers. Over time it will go away. You didn’t fulfill it – and that’s just a heartache.”

David Lynch – “Catching the Big Fish”

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“There is not any memory with less satisfaction than the memory of some temptation resisted”

James Branch Cabell


There is one way to improve the quality of your life almost immediately and with negligible effort. Simply put: stop reading, watching or listening to what passes for “news”. For many of us,  reading the news has become a time-consuming bad habit that contributes nothing positive and much that is negative to our lives.

As always, the solution is simple. In his clear, practical style, Steve Pavlina details exactly why you shouldn’t waste your valuable time with news and how to break the habit.