“The East Germans had it right. Every group used to have a permit. They should bring them in here.”

Mark E Smith on the Artic Monkeys.


Pissed-on shark meat

August 27, 2006

The release of a new Bonnie “Prince” Billy (a.k.a. Will Oldham) album is always something to be happy about and the new promo ad (the first of three) for “The Letting Go” couldn’t be any better:

“Sounds like something that would come out on September 11th”


Boyd Rice, R.I.P.

August 5, 2006

No, he’s not dead but he has decided to stop giving interviews:

“In recent years I’ve grown increasingly weary of words. I’ve been giving interviews for the last 25 or 30 years, more often than not answering the same questions over and over again, ad nauseum. As my disinterest in the same series of questions increases the answers to them inevitably become even less interesting, less articulate and less relevant.

I have decided to participate in one final interview, after which I will leave any works I do to speak for themselves. I will continue to write articles and essays, but cease to answer any further questions.”

The good news is that Boyd is inviting questions by post at:

P.O. Box 300081
CO 80203

More information can be found at the official Boyd Rice website.


Over the last 25 years I have probably seen Whitehouse play live at least a couple of dozen times. The last few years, post-Sotos, have seen them achieve new levels of intensity and sheer joyous belligerence. I believe that, right now, they are at their artistic and creative peak. Now more than ever, Whitehouse can be relied on to deliver the goods.

For me, this short fragment of “A cunt like you”, recorded live in Vienna in 2003 (Live Action 99), totally captures the exuberance and spirit of the new, live Whitehouse experience.


OMG! Ponyz!

August 2, 2006

Using the most cringe-inducing language imaginable to anyone over the age of fourteen (“Mash it, chop it, layer it, turn it upside down.”), CBC has announced an open competition to remix “The Ride of the Valkyries”.

Well done. That’s really what the world has been waiting for. Let’s give the remix dullards, not exactly known for their creativity, an excuse to take one of the greatest pieces of music ever written and turn it into the kind of slop that even dull-witted teenagers can’t stomach without the copious use of illegal drugs.

Hey! Kids! “Your remix can have a dance feel, or be completely avant-garde.”
Thanks for the tip! If only you crazy fun lovers had been around to advise Wagner, eh?

If just the thought of this doesn’t make you want to pull your own teeth out then the shockingly mediocre sample (“To get your imagination flowing”) by “Rise Ashen” is sure to push you over the edge.
Sigh …

Remix the Ring (cbc.ca)

Who watches this stuff anyway? (google.com/trends)