January 1, 2007

“Know from henceforth that for the kind of person whom destiny calls the ordinary rules of life are reversed and become quite different. Good and evil are transferred to another and higher plane, then virtues which might be applauded in an ordinary person would in you become vices, simply because they would only be the source of obstacles and ruin.

“While the great law of the world is not to do this, or that, to avoid one thing, or pursue another: it is to live. To enlarge and develop our most active and sublime qualities in such a way that from any sphere we can always strive to reach another one that is wider and more airy, more elevated. Do not forget that.

“Go straight ahead. Simply do as you please insofar as it serves your interests. Leave weakness and scruple to the petty minds and to the rabble of underlings. There is only one consideration worthy of you: the elevation and greatness of yourself.”

– Boyd Rice “Some Colussus” (extract).



I heart Laura Spicer

August 3, 2006 is a fantastic resource. Not only do they sell the most comprehensive catalogue of spoken word CDs and downloadable MP3s related to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis they also have a great selection of free downloads.

The best of these freebies, imo, are the interviews with the NLP “royalty” – Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, John La Valle, Michael Breen, et al. Of all of these though the stand out for me is Laura Spicer, NLP Master Practitioner, trainer and voice coach.

Practical advice on the use (and importance) of the voice is surprisingly under represented in current NLP literature and is even less visible in the Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses. In this information-packed, fat-free, 45 minute interview, Laura does a great job of showing just how important the voice really is in NLP. She explains some of the common problems and offers practical advice, all in her own gorgeous, warm tones.
Essential listening.

Laura Spicer interview download (

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Includes details of training courses that Laura co-presents.