The lens speaks

February 18, 2013

Cecil B. DeMille interviews celebrated photographer George Hurrell.

Broadcast on 3rd January, 1938 during the intermission of the “Lux Presents Hollywood” broadcast of “Alice Adams”, starring Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray.

Running time: 4mins 4 seconds.




An excellent promotional video for “We are the massacre” by World’s End Girlfriend.

I’ve been listening to a lot of World’s End Girlfriend (a.k.a. Katsuhiko Maeda) lately and this video perfectly complements the beautiful track from his 4th album, “The Lie Lay Land” (2005).


There’s surprisingly little of interest/substance out there but here’s a start:

“Gene Tierney” by George Hurrell (1944)


While “researching” a soon-to-come post about Jim Thompson I came across this fascinating article about the (usually uncredited) photographs used to illustrate the noir magazines of the ’30’s and ’40’s.

Great article, even better pictures.

Film star Mae West once asked, "Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" In the case of this photograph, we can confidently say - it's a gun. There is real danger here - and not just from smoking in bed. But there's also danger in assuming too much.

So look closely at the languid young thing on the bed. She may be holding that hand mirror as if to check her lipstick - but her eyes are turned to the side, the better to see that gun being pulled.


If, like me, you love both audiobooks and “noir” then Aural Noir is a good starting point. Despite their determination to use the word “podcast” in every review (when describing any MP3 file) and their update schedule being a little infrequent (as I write this, it’s almost three weeks since their last update) they are still well worth a visit.

Aural Noir ( Now defunct.


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