Laurel Nakadate - Lucky Tiger #8, 2009

“Lucky Tiger #8” by Laurel Nakadate (2009)
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The lens speaks

February 18, 2013

Cecil B. DeMille interviews celebrated photographer George Hurrell.

Broadcast on 3rd January, 1938 during the intermission of the “Lux Presents Hollywood” broadcast of “Alice Adams”, starring Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray.

Running time: 4mins 4 seconds.




Armed America
“Diego and Nakita with Fiona” by Kyle Cassidy (2007)
From the book “Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes”.
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Get low

December 2, 2010















Bongoût Gallery in Berlin have finally announced that pre-orders are being taken for “Human Nature”, a 128-page, hard cover collection of photographs by Daikichi “Genki Genki” Amano. No indication when it will be released but, at only €39,95, it’s sure to sell out fast.


Happy Holidays!

April 4, 2010

Pray for us

David Lynch by Mondino

David Lynch by Jean Baptiste Mondino

“I love to translate ideas. If you are true to the ideas that you love and never walk away from any element until it’s correct, then there’s a chance others will feel it’s correct and go into that world and have an experience. Hopefully a good experience.”
David Lynch


Hell is other people?

July 8, 2007


“Crowd Porn 2” by xtrapop (from the “Coachella Porn – Dante’s Orgy” series)

The idea that the Red Hot Chilli Peppers could inspire anything but catalepsy in an audience is beyond both my belief and understanding but, sometimes, it takes a photograph to show you what is in front of your eyes.
For me, this beautiful photo series of crowd scenes at Coachella, by Flickr member xtrapop (a.k.a. Thomas Brodahl), immediately brings to mind the listless rutting depicted in the orgy scene of the movie “Perfume” rather than Dante’s diabolical torments.


“My biggest problem with the phrase ‘white power’ is my distaste for redundancy.”



I want to believe it

February 26, 2007

There are two things I like about “Blowjobs on Flickr, Haiku style”:

  • The titles of the posts make me feel as if melancholia is surging unhindered through my bloodstream with absolutely no possibility of me preventing it overwhelming my brain.
  • The “haikus” achieve a level of honesty and brutality sadly lacking in what currently passes for pornography.

That’s enough. The pictures are window dressing.

“The hands, how they grab
I let them do this to me
mom, its not that bad”



















“Gaahl of Gorgoroth” by Peter Beste (2003)

“You are what you came from.
It is your mission to go forth and to grow – to stay awake and to whisper.”