“Fools Gold” by Jessica Holmes











“War is Groovy” by Paul Myers (2002)

Lorin Partridge photographed at an anti-Afghan War rally.

“Partridge says he happens to actually believe war is groovy, but he especially likes to upset people with his revolutionary ideas. Before this protest, Partridge visited a group of hard-core Christians who were condemning ‘sinners’ downtown. He started handing out pamphlets that said, ‘Christ is for sissies.'”


Men! Wake up!

August 17, 2006


On reading todays news that a suspect in the murder of JonBenet Ramsay has been arrested, I thought this image from a couple of years ago (of a bathroom cubicle door in Colorado) needed to be revived. What took the cops so long to catch on?

“They’re all LIARS & CHILD MOLESTERS! SOMEBODY Do Something”

From the Amsterdam Weekly, 27th July-2nd August, 2006:

HANDICAP SEX Temporarily handicapped Swedish brunette seeks David Cronenberg Crash film fan to live out invalid/handicap sex fantasies. Mail photo/phone: spacerebellion@hotmail.com

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