Every day is like Sunday

December 1, 2010

Andy Rementer - Camera Phone“Camera Phone” by Andy Rementer.




Not Broken

November 18, 2010

Postcard by Juju’s Delivery.

How long?
“Long enough for every sin to so soak my sinless soul that heaven will turn in horror until my swollen lips pronounce the final transaction: ‘It is finished.’”

Max Lucado – “All Things”



November 17, 2010

It’s about this time of night that I like to look at a picture of Susan Boyle singing a duet with a cat.

“My third oil painting of British Idol contestant Susan Boyle, this time featuring Susan in a duet with a singing cat. Susan has a cat named Pebbles, but this is not Pebbles. This is just some random, singing cat.”
– Dan Lacey


“I don’t know any more about theology than a jack-rabbit knows about ping-pong, but I’m on my way to glory!”

– William Ashley (Billy) Sunday, evangelist, 1862 – 1935


Madam Life’s a piece in bloom
Death goes dogging everywhere:
She’s the tenant of the room,
He’s the ruffian on the stair.

You shall see her as a friend,
You shall bilk him once or twice;
But he’ll trap you in the end,
And he’ll stick you for her price.

With his kneebones at your chest,
And his knuckles in your throat,
You would reason – plead – protest!
Clutching at her petticoat;

But she’s heard it all before,
Well she knows you’ve had your fun,
Gingerly she gains the door,
And your little job is done.

– William Ernest Henley, 1849 – 1903


    “I don’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.”
    – John Cage

    The top 5 psychiatric prescriptions for 2009:

    Medication Used for… U.S. Prescriptions
    1. Xanax Anxiety 44,029,000
    2. Lexapro Depression, anxiety 27,698,000
    3. Ativan Anxiety, panic disorder 25,868,000
    4. Zoloft Depression, Anxiety, OCD, PTSD, PMDD 19,500,000
    5. Prozac Depression, anxiety 19,499,000


    Happy Holidays!

    April 4, 2010

    Pray for us

    “There are only two choices. A world with an eight-track museum and a world without an eight-track museum.  I choose with.”

    – Former Tiny Tim manager, Bucks Burnett.